The Cliche Article About The Possibilities of AI

Le Bubble de Frosted here. I really couldn’t think about what to write today. I decided to write about general artificial intelligence, a topic that I’m also interested in possibly researching in the future. I want to talk about why I’m interested in it, and also why I’m worried about it.

I think this problem is the ultimate goal of all researchers right now, and the impact of this problem, if solved, is tremendous. Personally, I have many selfish reasons why I’m interested in such a subject. Firstly, I interact with a lot of math/computer science problems daily, and since I’m so involved in the subject, I have a deep interest in algorithms that can visualize and reason through problems the way a human can. 

If these AI were privatized and distributed among the common people, this would bring about great societal changes, because interacting with a computer would be the same as interacting with another living being. Perhaps it would also be possible to make a computer as similar to humans as possible, and in that case they could also serve as companions.

If humans can build such a machine, we essentially replicated the brain, and perhaps this means we can understand more about consciousness, intelligence, and just about ourselves in general. In terms of impact to our entire species, unbounded by biological limits, eventually such a computer would surpass all of humanity in intelligence. We would basically create a god. 

Then, at that point, assuming a benevolent AI, would humans need to do anything other than enjoy life (and maybe worry about finding meaning in life at that stage)? Any job that requires thinking can probably then be done more efficiently by a machine. As a university student right now, I hate the corporate future waiting ahead of me once I graduate, where I will have to waste my life away daily in front of a desk to survive, too tired to do anything after. I know that I’m just complaining and that it’s something I’ll eventually adapt to; I understand that there are some benefits, mainly that many people also find their “meaning” in their occupations, and also how there’s a degree of freedom in pursuing your desires; however, it still seems just incredibly bleak to me. There’s no way this is the end-form of our society.

Of course, there are many, many ways where things can go wrong. An infinitely replicable AI capable of human intelligence. If it ends up in the wrong hands, the world would probably end. Another common concern is whether the computer would truly be benevolent: what if it decides to just end humanity? With the slightest mutations, humans can become psychopaths, have Alzheimer’s, and all sorts of complications; what’s to say that the same won’t happen if we try to replicate intelligence/humanity in computers? If we even get the slightest thing wrong, there could be all sorts of things that could happen.

The moment we create such an algorithm/being, I’m sure it will bring forth great societal changes, along with the potential to solve many, many of humanity’s problems. However, I’m sure that this change won’t happen easily or peacefully, but I don’t think that this is something that can be stopped either, unless our society transforms into some dystopian world that makes further research in this subject physically impossible. I personally am sad that I wasn’t born after and am unlikely to see a world where these transformations have taken place. However, I am also partly relieved that I, right now, do not have to go through the period of change that comes along with this future discovery.

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