Intro: The Frosted Bubble

Hello, World! The Bubbul is a blogging site run by three friends, and we plan to post about all sorts of topics including food, finance, computer science, anime, philosophy, and random events in our lives. All three of us are close high school friends and are now students at different universities studying computer science, so our blog posts may tend to lean in that direction. I am the Frosted Bubble, and I will be using that name from now on whenever I post. I am a student in the UK, and my hobbies are gaming, guitar, coding, competitive programming, drawing, eating, cooking (sometimes), watching anime/manga/light novels, and badminton. I also read occasionally with a book club (at the pace of around 1 book every 1-2 months). Currently, I am trying to find new hobbies to immerse myself into. For games, I like Zelda BOTW, Smash Bros, Apex Legends, Nier Automata, and Runescape. I play other games too, but these are the ones I enjoy the most. My favorite anime are the Monogatari series, Code Geass,…


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