Bad Habits and Minimalism

Around June this year, the Foolish Bubbul was hopelessly addicted to a mobile game called Battle Cats. As soon as he got stuck with doing anything remotely difficult, the desire to colonize and plunder the world of Battle Cats would surface and his hand would dart to my phone out of pure instinct. Soon he realized that it was taking time away from more important things in my life and it had to be cut off. But it was hard. At one point he even downloaded a screen time app on my phone and asked friends and family to verify that his screen time goals were met everyday. Eventually, he did manage to break this habit, but the strange way it happened will definitely shock you! What’s up guys it’s me Foolish Bubbul, here to present another stream of thought that I had recently. Hopefully this one makes sense, but I did come to realize that most of my thoughts don’t really come to any sort of conclusion. It’s still pretty hard for me to…


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