Keyboard Shortcuts for a Mac and Internet Addict

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Today I wanted to talk about keyboard shortcuts that I use. I’m sure many people already use these shortcuts, but once in a while I still have friends who don’t really utilize these shortcuts despite using a computer 24/7. I am a Mac user, so unfortunately this probably won’t mean much for Windows users, and I’ll mostly talk about generic Mac shortcuts and Mac Google Chrome shortcuts.

For mac:

CMD + Tab to change between applications
CMD + ` to change between windows of an application
CMD + space to open spotlight search, which can be used to open applications

Ctrl + left arrow or right arrow allows you to switch between desktops
Ctrl + up arrow or down arrow allows you to see the different windows/applications open in a desktop

CMD + w usually closes either the window or something related
CMD + q quits the application
CMD + f usually opens some search bar
CMD + n usually opens a new window of the current application
CMD + m minimizes the current window
CMD + z undos the last action
CMD + shift + z undos the last undo (redo)

CMD + ‘+’ allows you to zoom in or increase the size of the thing you’re viewing
CMD + ‘-’ allows you to zoom out
CMD + 0 (zero) usually resets your zoom to the default

CMD + shift + 3 takes a screenshot of the current screen
CMD + shift + 4 allows you to take a screenshot snippet by clicking and dragging
CMD + shift + 5 allows you to take a screenshot by adjusting a viewing window

Holding CMD while clicking on files in Finder allows you to select multiple files
Holding shift while clicking on two files successively allows you to select all the files in between those two

Text editing:
CMD + c copies the current highlighted text
CMD + x copies and deletes (cuts) the current highlighted text
CMD + v pastes the current copied text to where the cursor is
CMD + left arrow or right arrow goes to the beginning or end of a line of text
CMD + backspace deletes an entire line of text

Option + left arrow or right arrow goes to the previous or next word 
Option + backspace deletes the previous word

Shift + left arrow or right arrow allows you to highlight text a character at a time
Option + shift + left arrow or right arrow allows you to highlight text a word at a time
CMD + shift + left arrow or right arrow allows you to highlight text a line at a time

The key thing to realize here is that shift/(option, command)/(backspace, arrow keys) can be combined to achieve different effects. With shift, you can also use your cursor to highlight a large piece of text. To try this, click somewhere on a piece of text, hold shift, and then click on somewhere else on that same piece of text. It should highlight everything in between. 

Google chrome mac shortcuts that I use:

CMD + t opens a new tab
CMD + r reloads the current tab
CMD + w closes the current tab
CMD + y opens the history
CMD + l (lowercase L) highlights the URL bar
CMD + shift + n opens a new incognito window

CMD + option + left arrow or right arrow to move to the previous or the next tab
Ctrl + tab / Ctrl + shift + tab can also do the same thing above, but I prefer the above one

CMD + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 go to the specific tab (1 goes to the 1st tab, …)
CMD + 9 goes to the last tab
CMD + shift + a opens up a search bar that allows you to navigate to any tab

CMD + arrow keys either goes back or forward through the history of the current tab

And that’s all for today! These are the ones that I use the most and think would be most helpful. I skipped some basic ones (CMD + a to highlight everything, CMD + s to save), so I hope I don’t confuse people that much.

All right, hope you enjoy your summer! Meanwhile, I will stay frosted in the freezer.

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