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Hello friends! What’s a bubble if not frosted? 

In this post, I wanted to stop thinking and just talk about fun and interesting stuff, so I decided that I wanted to just review some of my favorite/recently played games. All of the games I list will be story-based (because there’s not really much to talk about for competitive PvP games, but I do like Smash Bros and Apex and have around 1000 hours in them each).

Zelda: Breath of the Wild—This is my first game outside of Pokemon/Mario. It is one of the major reasons why I like the Nintendo Switch so much and why I decided to give other games a try. I first got this game right after I bought my switch to beat my friend in Smash Bros. The friend in question recommended this game, and I thought, “Why not?”, and decided to give it a go.

The first thing that caught my attention was the style of the visuals. The cell-shaded backgrounds give the game a very calming(?) harmonic(?) feel, and coupled with the quiet background tracks and “nature” soundtracks, it’s truly as if you entered another world. The variety of landscapes, environments makes exploring it for the first time so incredibly fun, because there’s more things, different enemies, different quests to do everywhere. Because it’s an open world game, everybody’s experience is also totally different, and there is no pressure to complete the story immediately. When you do decide to attempt the story quests, the plot and characters are inspiring and immersive. If I could forget about this game and play it again, I totally would. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3—Spoilers! This is a game that I recently played. I am a fan of the Xenoblade series, with my first game being Xenoblade 2. I also played Xenoblade Definitive Edition after Xenoblade 3, but I will focus on Xenoblade 3 for this review. 

Xenoblade 3 is a JRPG with a main cast of 6 characters, 3 male-female pairs. The game shines in its gameplay, relatable and engaging story, and the beautiful surrounding world the game is based on. In this world, there are two factions engaged in constant war, fighting over the literal resource of life. People are born into this world with a body and mind equivalent to that of a 10-year-old, and their lifespan is exactly 10 years. Our main characters are no exception to this rule, and sudden events spur them to change their world in the few months left in their lifespan. 

I think the strongest part of the game is in its characters and setting; all protagonists and antagonists are unique, have depth, and are relatable. Very few characters actually annoyed me, and even those characters seemed human and relatable. From the first hour I started playing, I was already hooked, wondering what mysteries each character held because it was obvious that the game was holding back a lot of backstory, and it’s clear that the main characters will have to struggle given this world and their situation. 

Now for criticism, the weakest part of the game is in its story, specifically the main villain. The main villain is the representation of a “concept” or “emotion”, rather than an individual with concrete motivations. While this is still enjoyable, this makes the story feel less realistic.

Overall, despite its flaws, I enjoyed this game greatly with its twists and turns, and the wide spectrum of emotions I experienced in my 70 hours. I remember feeling a gaping hole after finishing this game, and to this day I still search up streamers’ playthroughs and soundtracks of the game. I am considering buying a physical copy of the game, and I probably will want to eventually replay this game maybe 10-20 years again in the future.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses—This is another game I sinked many, many hours into. It is one of my favorite games, and a lot of my friends agree that this game is phenomenal. Fire Emblem Three Houses essentially feels like a RPG/visual novel/dating sim combined with the tactical turn-based grid battles. I believe that the main reason this game feels fun to play is that it has an immersive setting and multiple major game-changing routes. Its cast of characters is large, diverse, and well-written, and overall the grid battles are stimulating and rewarding.

Three Houses has a large 3D explorable area that is set as a medieval academy in the game. This explorable area is extremely well done and immersive with its multiple soundtracks ranging from church organ music to cheerful teatime tunes. You can get lost interacting with the numerous activities spread across the maps while getting to know the ~30 usable and “romanceable” characters. It really does feel like you’ve been transported as a professor into medieval times to teach your class of students.

Another strength of this game that keeps it from getting stale is how the relevant cast of characters changes depending on what route you choose/decisions you make. In the beginning of the game, you are told to choose between 3 classes, each with 10 or so students. You have to choose which class to “teach,” and for the rest of the game, you will work with that class. This makes it so that even after you finish the game once, you most likely don’t know much about other classes, so a second or third playthrough feels fresh, not to mention the different directions the story can go into.

Its battles are also very fun for some reason (on paper, it seems like it would be boring). The grid-based battles are similar to chess, except each “piece” is a character and has their unique moves/properties. Individual battles can take up to an hour, so it requires effort and tactics, but winning these battles is just as rewarding.

When I played this game for the first time, I remember that at some point I got so sucked into the game that I forgot to sleep. In fact, I and a group of friends (including Foolish Bubble) have been trying to make a game inspired by Three Houses. 

Overall, I guess this post can also be titled “my favorite Nintendo games.” In the future, I am also very excited to play Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Fire Emblem: Engage, and Xenoblade 4 if there is one. All three games are on my bucket list.

Actually I don’t really eat breakfast, so no frosted flakes.
What games do you like?

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