“Let me take y’all back mannnnn as I do so well” – J. Cole Other than discussing the science behind foot fetishes, Andrew Schulz did have a moment of reflection on his Flagrant podcast when the conversation led to a discussion about storytelling. When Huberman brought up a study that shows how people’s heart rates sync up when listening to the same story told in different locations and at different times, Schulz exclaimed that it sounds crazy but it must be true. He has been learning to tell better stories in his comedy routine as he realized how crucial a good story is to hold everyone’s attention at larger venues.  That conversation made me think about the power of stories and how I may have overlooked it in my life. That made me want to write a blog post about stories: why they are so important to us and how to get better at telling stories. But first, what is a story? Not all words spoken or written down are stories: math proofs, academic papers,…


Bad Habits and Minimalism

Around June this year, the Foolish Bubbul was hopelessly addicted to a mobile game called Battle Cats. As soon as he got stuck with doing anything remotely difficult, the desire to colonize and plunder the world of Battle Cats would surface and his hand would dart to my phone out of pure instinct. Soon he realized that it was taking time away from more important things in my life and it had to be cut off. But it was hard. At one point he even downloaded a screen time app on my phone and asked friends and family to verify that his screen time goals were met everyday. Eventually, he did manage to break this habit, but the strange way it happened will definitely shock you! What’s up guys it’s me Foolish Bubbul, here to present another stream of thought that I had recently. Hopefully this one makes sense, but I did come to realize that most of my thoughts don’t really come to any sort of conclusion. It’s still pretty hard for me to…


Best Sports To Meet Girls After College

The better question to “Why am I single?” is “What am I doing to meet woman and build an attractive image of myself?” Heyeow, Foolish Bubbul here. When I ask myself that question, I realize that I pretty much spend most of my days in college studying by myself, eating by myself, working out by myself, and jacking off with myself, so it really is no mystery why I am going in my fourth year of undergrad slightly horny and very single. And life post college is not looking very promising. People always tell me that meeting girls after graduation is extremely difficult, and if it’s anything like my past internship experiences, I cannot agree more. To one up your enemy, you must think like them ---- Sun Zi. What do girls like to do after college, that I also like to do? Reverse engineering this problem, I thought I would make a tier list of all the sports I could invest my time in to meet girls after college, since I love playing all…


Hayasaka vs MC Miyuki

“If you don’t put on an act, you won’t be loved”  Ai Hayasaka “Fuck it, I’m acting out the ideal me!” MC Miyuki Yeow, Foolish Bubbul here. I really enjoyed the rap battle episode in season 3 of Love is War. Chika teaching Miyuki anything is always hilarious, the animation for the battle was creative and unique, the story finally addressed Hayasaka’s mental state and let her have a cathartic explosion with Kaguya, and the rap itself along with the stances of each character became thought provoking for me. I’ll just try to organize some of my thoughts and hopefully arrive at some kind of conclusion at the end. Let's first examine Hayasaka's statement that started the whole shenanigan, "If you don't put on an act, you won't be loved". It reveals a nihilistic worldview, not only implying that staying true to yourself is not a feasible way to get people to love you, but also that the love you get from people is never for you, but for the act that you put on…


Useless algorithms that I use fully in my life — part 1?

Foolish Bubbul They say the more you code, the more you start to think like a computer; I gotta hope that is not true, because computers are dumb as f*ck. We see all the amazing stuff that computers are able to do for us, but really the magic is in the algorithms that are programmed into the computers. Algorithms control the behaviors of computers so they know how to navigate and solve our problems, but computers are not the only thing that algorithms can control. In this post I want to describe a low-tier algorithm that I recently noticed who started possessing me and controlling my actions. Hopefully by calling it out and analyzing it in this post I can convince it that I am not a computational machinery with a low level of intelligence, and it will leave me to possess other people instead (be careful y'all). Before I dive into describing this algorithm, let me give credit to the book that heavily inspired this blog post, Algorithms to Live By. The book balances…


I read all the self help books and started a blog

How should you cheer up a Yellow guy who takes L after L? Yeow, what’s up. it’s the Foolish Bubbul, and I read all the self help books so you don’t have to! Titles include: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAtomic HabitsThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck12 Rules of LifeModels: Attract Women with HonestyThe Myth of SisyphusThus Spoke ZarathustraThe Holy BibleMob Psycho 100… I’ll try to reduce all these down to 3 points: Be a low-key narcissist [*1] Because that’s what people with self-esteem do. Your opinions about yourself matter more than theirs! Your needs are more important than theirs! Follow your heart! Other people shouldn’t control your thoughts or actions! Fight the mind virus! Because once you compromise on your beliefs/actions/attitude/values for other people’s, you will feel like a beta and your psychology will reinforce that thought.  This also means to develop self perception, respect, and belief. You can be anything! Be Perfect [*2] Easier said than done, but oftentimes when you start believing in something really hard, it will materialize…


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