Building my First PC in the IQUNIX-ZX1 Case

In this post, I will share some helpful tips and tricks that I learned while building my first PC. I was inspired to build this PC after watching some desk setup videos1 featuring the IQUNIX ZX-1 case, and I ended up purchasing the case and a few other components (detailed below). 💪 Disclaimer: I will not delve into the step-by-step process of building the PC. Instead, I will chronologically list tips I found helpful during the build. These tips were not included in the user manuals and were only discovered through Reddit threads and YouTube videos. Also note that the PC was the first PC I've ever built, so any of the following tips may be redundant if you've had previous PC-building experience. If you decide to use some of the same computer parts, I recommend to Ctrl-f those computer parts and read all the relavent sections with those computer parts before building. Computer Parts Here are my ingredients: Case: IQUNIX ZX-1Mobo: Asus ROG Strix B550-ICPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900XRAM: G. Skill Ripjaws V Series…

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Keyboard Shortcuts for a Mac and Internet Addict

I am a programmer but I don't use Vim I'm sorry What’s up! Frosted Bubble here! Today I wanted to talk about keyboard shortcuts that I use. I’m sure many people already use these shortcuts, but once in a while I still have friends who don’t really utilize these shortcuts despite using a computer 24/7. I am a Mac user, so unfortunately this probably won’t mean much for Windows users, and I’ll mostly talk about generic Mac shortcuts and Mac Google Chrome shortcuts. For mac: CMD + Tab to change between applicationsCMD + ` to change between windows of an applicationCMD + space to open spotlight search, which can be used to open applications Ctrl + left arrow or right arrow allows you to switch between desktopsCtrl + up arrow or down arrow allows you to see the different windows/applications open in a desktop CMD + w usually closes either the window or something relatedCMD + q quits the applicationCMD + f usually opens some search barCMD + n usually opens a new window of…


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