The Comfort Zone

Wait, I'm making such a fool of myself! -- Foolish Bubbul You know what? The comfort zone is underrated. Under-appreciated. Undervalued. We have all been taught to try and leave it, but have we ever examined why? “But the meaning of life is to express your full potential by overcoming hard tasks!” Oh shut your mouth and suck it. I got something hard to beat for you right here that’s not gonna overcome by itself. The end goal of every career is one that you are comfortable in. The end goal of every dating life is to find the girl that you are comfortable with. The end goal of every freshman in college is to find a group that they feel comfortable in. Imagine a life where you just walk around and find things that make you uncomfortable. People would laugh at that guy and call him an idiot. Isn’t comfort the default, the end goal that we all shoot for? It all is kind of like the delicate balance between explore and exploit, a…


Respect vs Dependence: When Respect Goes Too Far

Hello, everyone! Long time no see! Frosted Bubble here. As a college student, I recently began working at an internship, my first in-person one, and taking my first step into the working society has taught me more about myself, my childhood, and my flaws. Today, I will be focusing on the issue of respect and authority figures. Ever since I was young, one thing I had always been taught to do was to respect my elders. To me, my father and mother were figures that felt untouchable because they seemed to me as people who simply knew more and knew better, and in return, I treated them with respect and complete dependence. I followed their instructions blindly and mentally positioned myself below them. This feeling of being below people did not stop with just my parents and also translated to my older siblings, my teachers, and anybody who was simply older or more competent than me. Having such a mindset made me obedient to my parents, teachers, siblings, but also gave me difficulty bringing up…


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