The Cliche Article About The Possibilities of AI

Le Bubble de Frosted here. I really couldn’t think about what to write today. I decided to write about general artificial intelligence, a topic that I’m also interested in possibly researching in the future. I want to talk about why I’m interested in it, and also why I’m worried about it. I think this problem is the ultimate goal of all researchers right now, and the impact of this problem, if solved, is tremendous. Personally, I have many selfish reasons why I’m interested in such a subject. Firstly, I interact with a lot of math/computer science problems daily, and since I’m so involved in the subject, I have a deep interest in algorithms that can visualize and reason through problems the way a human can.  If these AI were privatized and distributed among the common people, this would bring about great societal changes, because interacting with a computer would be the same as interacting with another living being. Perhaps it would also be possible to make a computer as similar to humans as possible, and…


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