Fraternity, My Indecisive Ass, and Activity Tiers

Spurred by old and new friends he met last quarter and during the summer, the Foolish Bubbul has half-heartedly embarked on the journey to join a frat. But now that he has been to all the rush events and received a bid, his commitment to the road ahead gets tested and his resolve starts to waver. Let’s help him make a decision. I don’t like indecisiveness. I feel like I’m floating around without a solid opinion, worried about trivial things that wouldn’t matter in the big picture, and constantly consulting others for advice and approval… I hate every part of it. But as a more introspective person I realized that I can learn a lot about myself from moments that make me indecisive. One of the first things I tend to do when I struggle to make a decision is to create a pro cons list. Charles Darwin famously created one of these before he decided to propose to his cousin, and they were happily married 6 months later with 10 kids on the way.…


Living on Campus

-- Foolish Bubbul It’s fall of 2021, and with everyone back on campus after over a year of online school, a housing crisis looms over the soon-to-be junior me who has lost his guaranteed housing on campus. La Jolla greeted the students eager for physical social interaction with an insane inflation of housing prices, so finding an affordable and close place to live turned out to be quite difficult. Lots of people that I met in the following year remembered this period as the most stressful time of their lives so far. Eventually, my roommates and I got lucky and found a decent place, but this was the first time the idea to live on campus without a dorm came into my awareness. Now as school started, club activities, classes, homework, labs, tutoring, and going to the gym kept me occupied almost all day long. I got really comfortable working on campus, so I often find myself spending the entire day there. Sometimes, when I stand waiting for a bus at around 11pm, or when…


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