An Opening Letter from 77.66.

Dear Reader, For my blogging journey, I hope to journal and blog in parallel. From my limited 1-day experience, I find that they complement each other nicely: journaling incites ideas for my blog posts and vice versa. The following is a compilation of the thoughts I'm having while attempting to write a second paragraph: (1) Transitioning between different topics is difficult. Yet sometimes transitions are not necessary. Maybe schools teach the idea of transitioning between topics to train the skill in connecting disparate ideas together. (2) I know that beautiful pieces of writing are sculpted through several iterations, and that the first draft is just to get ideas on the page, but there's still something holding me back. Maybe it's the thought that the writing style I have now is the writing style that will be expected from me for the rest of my posts. No. Maybe it's just the fear of others judging me through me writing; the fear that others do not have an outlook of me that I want them to have;…


The Comfort Zone

Wait, I'm making such a fool of myself! -- Foolish Bubbul You know what? The comfort zone is underrated. Under-appreciated. Undervalued. We have all been taught to try and leave it, but have we ever examined why? “But the meaning of life is to express your full potential by overcoming hard tasks!” Oh shut your mouth and suck it. I got something hard to beat for you right here that’s not gonna overcome by itself. The end goal of every career is one that you are comfortable in. The end goal of every dating life is to find the girl that you are comfortable with. The end goal of every freshman in college is to find a group that they feel comfortable in. Imagine a life where you just walk around and find things that make you uncomfortable. People would laugh at that guy and call him an idiot. Isn’t comfort the default, the end goal that we all shoot for? It all is kind of like the delicate balance between explore and exploit, a…


The Cliche Article About The Possibilities of AI

Le Bubble de Frosted here. I really couldn’t think about what to write today. I decided to write about general artificial intelligence, a topic that I’m also interested in possibly researching in the future. I want to talk about why I’m interested in it, and also why I’m worried about it. I think this problem is the ultimate goal of all researchers right now, and the impact of this problem, if solved, is tremendous. Personally, I have many selfish reasons why I’m interested in such a subject. Firstly, I interact with a lot of math/computer science problems daily, and since I’m so involved in the subject, I have a deep interest in algorithms that can visualize and reason through problems the way a human can.  If these AI were privatized and distributed among the common people, this would bring about great societal changes, because interacting with a computer would be the same as interacting with another living being. Perhaps it would also be possible to make a computer as similar to humans as possible, and…


What’s Going On in My Waifu’s Head: An Insight Into Problem Solving

Frosted bubble here. Today, I’m just going to be babbling on and on about random thoughts I have had about problem solving and thinking in general. Have you ever thought about how we humans learn, actually perform, and improve on problem solving? As a competitive programmer, I have done lots and lots of questions, most mathematical in nature. Sometimes, I like to step back and reflect on how I tend to think and how I eventually arrived at a solution.  In university, I have a professor that describes it as such: in the beginning, we have an arsenal of tools. Solving a problem is essentially randomly choosing some tool, working on the problem a bit, and seeing if the problem reduces into something simpler that can be worked further. Thus, we can imagine that everyone has some sort of probability distribution on this set of tools, and “getting better” at solving problems is just building an intuition of what tools to use when, and optimizing this random distribution. I think that my professor gives a…


Speed of Human Consciousness

Hey! Frosted bubble here! Today I wanted to just talk about an interesting topic: the speed of our consciousness or thinking. This is one of the thoughts that are pretty fun to mull over in the shower, and I wanted to discuss it because I don’t see many articles on it. Though, with that said, my thoughts are not that polished. This is mostly me laying out some thoughts and observations that I thought were interesting, so please do read this with a grain of salt, and maybe come up with your own theory on why things are. I. Definition First, let’s try to describe and define the speed of consciousness. Vaguely, I think we can describe the speed of consciousness as just the pace at which we experience time.  I imagine that someone with a fast speed of consciousness could feel like time is slower, and if we were to speed up someone’s speed of consciousness, they would feel like time has slowed down. Quicksilver slowing down time It’s a bit difficult to quantitatively…


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