Best Sports To Meet Girls After College

The better question to “Why am I single?” is “What am I doing to meet woman and build an attractive image of myself?”

Heyeow, Foolish Bubbul here. When I ask myself that question, I realize that I pretty much spend most of my days in college studying by myself, eating by myself, working out by myself, and jacking off with myself, so it really is no mystery why I am going in my fourth year of undergrad slightly horny and very single.

And life post college is not looking very promising. People always tell me that meeting girls after graduation is extremely difficult, and if it’s anything like my past internship experiences, I cannot agree more.

To one up your enemy, you must think like them —- Sun Zi. What do girls like to do after college, that I also like to do? Reverse engineering this problem, I thought I would make a tier list of all the sports I could invest my time in to meet girls after college, since I love playing all kinds of sports.

Disclaimer: I am largely ignorant of what is possible and impossible in the field of dating and meeting girls, but ignorant opinions are boring so I instead I will be making unfounded claims and wild assumptions. Also, I will be ordering my opinions by my familiarity with the sport, so the further down the sport is, the less I have done it.

Wrestling / Martial Arts

I love wrestling, and I could write a whole blog post about it, but we have to leave feelings aside and be objective here: you would have better luck picking up girls in an upper division CS classroom.

The biggest issue is the demographics. Although martial arts can be pretty popular with girls before college, I haven’t seen many decide to pick it up afterwards. Most girls aren’t interested in competitive sports, and martial arts might be the most competitive sport there is. On top of that, because strength plays such a big role, it’s like an unspoken rule that you want to pair up with someone of the same sex and similar weight. So forget about your dreams of simulating naughty positions with a girl at a BJJ class, if you are partnered with one she will either already be your girlfriend, or it’s just a temporary arrangement since her partner is in the bathroom.

Wait, someone should make a K-Drama where the love interests meet as partners in a BJJ class…


Despite being so popular, basketball is one of the worst sports for this purpose. You can definitely find girls playing basketball in high school and college, but you will rarely find a Jessica posting up inside the paint at your local park. 

And even if you do, Jessica will be too busy to converse with you. She is out here on her own hero’s journey, battling the patriarchy and the stereotypes against her. You gotta hope that you’re not assigned to guard her, because most likely she is pretty decent, and that is a lose-lose scenario for you. If you guard her seriously, you become the villain she has to overcome in her narrative, and everyone starts rooting against you. If you don’t guard her well, you will probably become the last pick that nobody wants on their team. Jessica is not here to have fun; if she wanted to do that she would’ve called up her high school teammates to hoop together. That girl is here to prove a point and score points, and you’re just in her way.

Weight Room

I personally cannot imagine ever talking to a stranger in the gym, but some people swear on their mothers that it’s one of the top places to meet girls after college. I think it’s a place where you go by yourself, work towards whatever goal you have, and then just get out. I personally would hate to be bothered in the middle of that. 

Everyone agrees that you shouldn’t start a conversation with someone when they are in the middle of their set. If you do find someone that you want to engage with, do it when you’re walking in/out of the gym, or when she’s resting between the sets. But doesn’t that imply you would have to coordinate your schedule around her movements, steal glances from time to time to make sure you are approaching at the right moment? How creepy is that? 

Final verdict: good place to stalk attractive people, not a great place to meet them.

Running / Biking / Hiking / Swimming / Endurance Sports

First of all, swimming is F tier. There is no conversation to be had underwater, end of story. 

With running and biking, it can be possible. Join local clubs, reach out to friends, meet their friends, add each other on Strava, etc. However, these sports are so easy to do by yourself, they are often done that way, just to stay in shape and exercise the heart and lungs. The thing about running with others is that you need to run with people that are around your fitness level. And also if you are getting the right amount of exercise, you shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with the people that you are running with.

Hiking is probably the best option here, but even with that you have to put in quite a bit of effort to meet people. Most of the time people only venture in nature with someone they already feel comfortable with, so if none of your hiking buddies have female friends they can invite, forget about it.

Indoor Bouldering / Rock Climbing

This is one of the few sports I know that focus more on self improvement rather than the absolute domination of your opponent. Everyone is on the same team, facing the wall, trying to piece out how to position their bodies so they can reach the top. This cultivates a non-competitive environment and makes it super easy to talk to strangers and make friends in the gym.

Because it’s such a strenuous activity, you have to rest a lot after every attempt. That leaves a lot of time to socialize. If you are at a slightly more crowded gym, you might find yourself standing around a group of strangers, all resting and thinking about how to climb the same route. When anyone makes progress, you will find supportive cheers from the group, as they are also one step closer from solving the climb.

Success in this sport is also heavily dependent on technique rather than strength. There are only a small number of climbs that you can cheese with good back strength, and the rest of the climbs require subtle positioning techniques that you pick up with experience. On top of that, girls on average have a lower center of mass than guys, which does give them a slight advantage on the amateur level.

The non-competitiveness and the dependence on technique all make the sport very popular with girls. Granted they are all flat, but see if I care. Thighs over breast all day.

Social Dancing (Not Hip Hop)

Dancing definitely tops the throne, sitting in the so-successful-it’s-uncomfortable category. I took a latin dancing class last quarter, and I have never had a better chance to come face to face with my fear of interacting with females. There were way more girls than guys in the class, which I have heard is the case in most dance classes and teams. Why do girls love dancing so much? 

Dancing and singing is like a universal mating call for animals. Learning how to move one’s body to music translates to a self esteem boost and an unconscious elevation of your status in others mind. Also, people get so entertained by watching talented people sing and dance well, except when you’re watching nerds in the marching band (just kidding I love band).

Non-competitive dance teams are also incredibly friendly and supportive, so it’s super easy to make friends there. Same with the classes, and in some cases, like social dancing, you even get to be in physical contact with attractive girls!

Also, you don’t have to worry about not having a place to dance after college. Just grab some friends and hit up night clubs. The dance moves that you learn will be super eye catching there because 90% of people don’t actually dance at those venues.


Now I don’t play badminton a whole lot, but I think most guys do turn out a bit better than girls. The best chance to play with girls is doubles, but then again, I have never seen a double game with two girls on the same team, so even if you get to play with a cutie, you would be remiss not to consider that other guy playing against you on her team.


Normal volleyball is alright, but beach volleyball might be god tier. Although I haven’t really played it before, I have run on the beach, and I can imagine how the sand can cancel out the strength advantage that guys have.

Also, you are on the beach! Need I say more? The only thing dragging down its ranking is the fact that not all living locations have a convenient access to a beach.


I think yoga is also top tier. Non-competitive and similar to dancing, plus it also focuses on self-improvement and boosts self esteem. I’ve never really done it before, but I wanted to include it on the list because my cousin recently became obsessed with hot yoga and swears by its laxative effects, which makes me want to try it out in the future.

And thus ends my assessment. Final tier list chart:

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