An Opening Letter from 77.66.

Dear Reader,

For my blogging journey, I hope to journal and blog in parallel. From my limited 1-day experience, I find that they complement each other nicely: journaling incites ideas for my blog posts and vice versa. The following is a compilation of the thoughts I’m having while attempting to write a second paragraph:

(1) Transitioning between different topics is difficult. Yet sometimes transitions are not necessary. Maybe schools teach the idea of transitioning between topics to train the skill in connecting disparate ideas together.

(2) I know that beautiful pieces of writing are sculpted through several iterations, and that the first draft is just to get ideas on the page, but there’s still something holding me back. Maybe it’s the thought that the writing style I have now is the writing style that will be expected from me for the rest of my posts. No. Maybe it’s just the fear of others judging me through me writing; the fear that others do not have an outlook of me that I want them to have; the fear that causes filtration of my personality. Yes. And at least for the foreseeable future, I will carry such a fear, such an expectation. My expectation of myself will shape the brand of my writing.

(3) I define art as the means of sharing feelings. Art is what is left over after pushing feelings through filters (or no filter), where each iteration on a draft is an additional filter that the feelings go through. Crafting a filter for striking a proper balance between personality and formality is what I find makes writing in first-person so difficult. Moreover, unless your personality incorporates transitioning between topics into your thoughts, adding transitions in writing inevitably will be difficult.

When writing (1) and (2), I didn’t see potential connections between them. But as I wrote the third paragraph, I began knitting the ideas together. Nevertheless, I’ll keep the above paragraphs as is without transitions to display a snippet of a drafting process. If I were to refine the paragraphs further, I would search for more connections to use as transitions and shift (1) after (3).

The above writing has been a neat experience and valuable for me. I’ll try my best to make more frequent blog posts in the future, most of which will lean towards a similar but ever-evolving writing style.

Best wishes,