About the Pitapat Cat

With my wet fur wrapping around my paws, I stare blankly at the asphalt as I pitapat away from the house. I feel the clouds mocking me from above, billowing in their shades of grey. One by one, their crystal beads dribble down my face to mask the tears leaking from my eyes.

But just as I stepped foot onto the sidewalk, there he was, waving his final February goodbye. I never thought the day would come so soon. And though it has seemingly been years since then, I have always remembered his smile; it was one of those smiles that placed you in its focus; it understood you as you wished to be understood, and believed in you as you wished to be believed in. It was an expression chosen with with the fullest care.

Whether I will meet that smile again is unknown, but I know that he will remain within places, floating out there in the world and assimilating itself with the character of many others. Perhaps all places have an overarching soul that everybody’s a part of, and it’s through such places that we know it’s us, even without knowing our past. Perhaps this is the method he used to hack into our spirits.

Contact the Pitapat Cat

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